Top 10 Reasons To Love Intown Atlanta Living

Our Top 10 Reasons To Love Intown Atlanta Living

Here’s what we think are the top 10 reasons to love Intown Atlanta living. Our clients relocating to Atlanta often want to know if they should live in the city or one of the sprawling suburbs. Many only know Atlanta from what they hear on the news. Or what they saw when they visited for a convention.

If that’s the case, we would understand if they never came back! However, many people are interested in the richness of culture that the capital of the south offers. They are the ones who should consider Intown Atlanta. And it’s not just the culture, Intown Atlanta residents also love the fact their neighborhoods are among the best walkable Atlanta neighborhoods and best Atlanta neighborhoods for cycling.

Top 10 Reasons To Love Intown Atlanta Living - Midtown Sign

Midtown is of course one of Intown Atlanta’s most popular neighborhoods!

Here are our top 10 reasons to love Intown Atlanta living.

1. Found Time

Atlanta is a city without natural boundaries. And as a result, our suburbs have spread almost endlessly. Thus the legendary traffic jams. Life outside the perimeter (OTP) can mean spending an extra hour or more commuting to work. Or running errands on the weekend.

What to do after you’ve moved intown and find new time on your hands?  Read on.

2. Cafes and Bakeries

This one is a favorite! Many intown denizens, work or study at home. And as a result, they seek an inexpensive place to meet colleagues and friends. Every Intown Atlanta neighborhood offers a cafe a few blocks away. For example, Grant Park. Many feature baked goods made on-site. These cozy extensions of our living room are perfect for an informal meeting. Or just to hang out and people watch.

Tip: When thinking of buying in a neighborhood, check out our list of best Atlanta coffee shops and stop into one in the neighborhood you are considering. You’ll catch the vibe of the neighborhood. And while enjoying your coffee, use our advanced Atlanta home search engine to browse the latest Intown Atlanta real estate listings.

Top 10 Reasons To Love Intown Atlanta Living

One of Intown Atlanta’s many independent cafes – Grant Perk Coffee in Grant Park

3. Shopping

After coffee, enjoy shopping. Living in town means rarely having to brave a massive traffic jam for everyday items. Yes, there is traffic. But there’s nearly always an alternate route. Even if you are going to a popular regional destination like Virginia-Highland. Or Lenox Mall that others drive hours to reach. Need a specialty shop? Here you will find shops like Loose Nuts Cycles and The Cooks Warehouse.

4. Performing Arts

Next, take in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at the Woodruff. Then, a traveling Broadway show at the Fox Theater. Finally, begin discovering Atlanta’s own performing arts scene.

But wait. You can also have a candelabra picnic at the Chastain Park Amphitheater. Or experience local productions at the Balzer Theater or the Variety Playhouse. Or explore live music and comedy at venues too numerous to name. We even have a theater and museum dedicated to puppets. It’s the largest of it’s kind. That’s right, check out The Center for Puppetry Arts. The center offers shows for children and adults alike.

Top 10 Reasons To Love Intown Atlanta Living

Woodruff Arts Center always has something interesting going on!

5. Visual Arts

Visit the High Museum. Plan to spend the whole day. And come back for frequent rotating exhibits. They come from the very best museums in the world.

Plus, there are many more museums to explore. For example, two of my favorite museums are The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University and the Oglethorpe University Museum.

The first features extensive antiquities collections from around the world. The later features rotating exhibits. Many from the private collections of their alumna. All presented in an intimate setting.

Collectors and passive connoisseurs alike will be richly rewarded visiting the smaller galleries. They have become almost as ubiquitous as coffee shops. And sometimes they are one in the same.

Top 10 Reasons To Love Intown Atlanta Living, High Museum

The High Museum offers a wide collection of art … something for everyone to enjoy!

6. Amazing Dining Scene

Next up, food! Intown Atlanta is a mecca for creative chefs and entrepreneurs. They put their culinary skills out there for public approval every night. Crave tasty favorites, original gastronomic sensations or exotic foods? You’ll find it all a short distance from home. Sometimes just a short walk away.

7. Architecture

No list of top 10 reasons to love Intown Atlanta living would be complete without mentioning architecture. Intown Atlanta neighborhoods are known for their vintage homes. For example, Ansley Park boasts grand mansions of every style designed by famous architects.

And Virginia Highland is known for meticulously restored brick craftsmen bungalows. Homes with deep front porches, large windows and high ceilings abound. You’ll also find folk-Victorian, American four-squares in Inman Park.

These neighborhoods are punctuated with parks and historic corner stores. The parks often feature original stone structures, lawn areas and modern play grounds. And many stores have been restored and converted to retail shops, restaurants or lofts.

Midtown Atlanta Fox Theater

The Fabulous Fox is one of Atlanta’s most important architectural gems.

8. Housing Choice

Not looking for a historic home? No worries. You’ll also find intown Atlanta homes, condos, lofts, and townhouses of every style. And new boutique mid-rise condominiums are being built in Midtown. Plus new townhomes are being built near the Beltline. And loft conversions or new soft lofts can be found. Many are in former warehouses or re-purposed office buildings. For a bargain, look for older versions of these that are ready to be updated.

9. School Choice

With population density comes greater educational options. For example, in addition to traditional public schools, Atlanta parents may choose one of the expanding number of charter schools. These offer the advantage of local control without additional tuition costs. Some have one or more specific focuses. And most require a high level of parental involvement. Do further research with the Atlanta School Locator.

Those wishing to be more hands on with their children’s education will find company in a large community of parents who home school. Most of Atlanta’s best private schools are in Buckhead. However, two notable exceptions are the Padeia School and Woodward Academy. Whether starting higher education or returning for an advanced degree, the immediate metro area is home to almost two dozen colleges and universities.

10. The Beltline

The last reason might just be the best reason to love Intown Atlanta living. The Atlanta Beltline! The Beltline is a network of mostly abandoned railroads. They encircle the historic core of Atlanta. These are being converted to multi-use trails and light-rail transit. Intown Atlanta is being slowly transformed by this once in a generation project.

Abandoned warehouses are being converted to restaurants and office space. And new condominiums and apartments are being built. And, these projects are being developed at a pace not seen since the great recession.

Imagine being able to walk for miles without dodging cars. Here you’ll enjoy new parks, ever changing art installations, and a new linear arboretum in the middle of the city. Plus, new linkages between neighborhoods are being created. People can now visit in minutes on foot or by bike places that were once accessible only by car. Property values will continue to be buoyed near the Beltline for many years to come. Here’s more about the Atlanta Beltline.

We Hope You’ve Enjoyed Our Top 10 Reasons To Love Intown Atlanta Living

Finally, you’ve just read our top 10 reasons to love Intown Atlanta living. To learn more about specific neighborhoods, use the Intown Atlanta Neighborhood Guide.

Are you ready to ditch the long commute? Maybe even your car? If so, then talk with us.